"No Time, No Boundaries, No Gender, No Age

Cultural, Aesthetics, Stylish, Liveliness"

Although founded in as late as 1970 Minh Long Co. is the heir of a long ceramics producing tradition starting with the grand-father of Mr Ly Ngoc Minh, Minh Long’s founder, and spanning over three generations, or a century time-wise, down to the fourth generation which is now in charge.


Up to 1970 the Lys specialized in ceramics products bearing the Thai Binh brand name. In 1970, Minh Long was picked up as the new brand name and the company launched art ceramics products which were then exported mainly to France. In 1995 the company diversified into high-class porcelain tableware.  Modern machinery and production lines were imported from Germany and Japan to produce dining sets fired at 1,380° C with German technology. Our sales sky rocketed and our export market expanded onto to Japan, USA and several European countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia….


In addition to high quality which continues being the top criteria, the artistic element, as materialized in the form and shape of the products or the motives thereof has been the subject of great-length research. The cultural beauties, images loaded with cultural traditions of Viet Nam’s and other nations’ are engraved in each of our products so that typical cultural features are reproduced in a up-to-date manner. 



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