22 pcs IFP Golden Line Came Dinner Set Minh Long I

22 pcs IFP Golden Line Came Dinner Set Minh Long I SKU: 0005116022


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Rice bowl : 6 pcs
Saucer : 6 pcs
Sauce dish 9 cm: 6 pcs
Round plate 20 cm : 1 pc
Round plate 27 cm: 1 pc
Soup plate 23 cm : 1 pc
Noodle bowl 20 cm : 1 pc

Raw material:
-We select only the best raw material imported from all the top quality mines around the world. The raw materials then go through a rigid filtering and some of the most advanced processing techniques in the ceramic industry to produce a top quality product.
Fired at high temperature:
-Durable, strong, chip resistant, scratch resistant and shock resistant in case of temperature variation from cold to hot and vice versa.
-Eliminates all the impurities, and gives the product a pure whiteness, and high degree of translucence.
The protective glaze:
-Transparent, shiny and attractive, plus grease and oil resistance of the glaze help save time and detergent which is more environmentally friendly.
-Lead-free and cadmium-free, safe for consumer health when using the product with acidic food ingredients such lemon, vinegar, etc.
-Decoration is sophisticated, detailed and in-glazed (protected by a layer of glaze), therefore it is scratch resistant, and will not come off or faded after use.
-Creates a fine particle layer at nano size to make the glaze surface more smooth, grease resistant and safe for use.
ISO 9001 : 2008